Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Living Your Dreams - Befikar Umar Bhar

Each and everyone of us have dreams & aspirations and we all strive towards fulfilling them...We all want to live our lives to the fullest and enjoy each and every moment...

But, we live in a world where we have to constantly think and plan our future...We cant just go around spending like crazy on our joys of today and not have anything left for tomorrow.

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Imagine a life where we had no constraints, did not have to save for a secure future, nothing at all to hold us back....What an awesome thought that is.... :D

 Well, if I had a chance to live life king size with no constraints then these are the things I would do....

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1. Go to Egypt: The land of sand, mummies and pyramids has always left me fascinated...I enjoy
watching television programs where the mysterious pyramids are explored and it has always been  my dream to go and explore them myself. The ancient stories and their culture is quite unique and intriguing. A family trip to the mystical land of Egypt tops my to do list.

2. Get myself a Fancy Car: I love gong on long drives and if I were the one driving and that too in my own car...That would just be a dream come true...I drool over the fancy sports cars I see at auto expos or in advertisements and really want to get myself one. But, whenever I express my desire to buy such a thing I am told that we should buy something suitable for the entire family as we cannot afford multiple cars and that we have to save up for future investments...So if saving up wasn't something I had to think about than a fancy red sports car would be on my wish list.

3. Go Airplane Jumping: I have a thing for adventure sports and airplane jumping is something I really want to do. The thrill of flying in the air like a bird is something out of the world..It would surely be a lifetime experience. Imagine floating in the air and seeing everything from birds eye view....Just imaging it gives me a thrill....This would be the third thing in my bucket list.. :)

4. Buy a Large Screen 3D TV: Watching TV is cool the normal way but it would be all together an amazing experience to watch 3D movies at home....I had once tried out such a television in a showroom and I fell in love with it since then..I would rush and buy myself an awesome 3D TV if I had no worries of saving up for the future....

5. Buy myself a crazy amount of shoes: A girl can never have enough of shoes....We need them in all different colors....and then soo many different styles are available like high heels, flats, peep toes...whenever a new style is launched we must have that...Its just a girl thing....One can never have enough shoes... ;) :D

So, isn't the very thought of a constraint free life amazing!!! Well you can actually make this happen... IDBI Federal has launched an amazing Life Insurance policy in which they give you such amazing schemes that you can live #BefikarUmarBhar....So what are you waiting for..Check out their plans here .

Life is a gift which we must treasure and wasting the precious moments we have is truly something which we should avoid as once time is gone it will never come back. So, enjoy your life to the fullest, live your dreams, spend time with the people you love, go on trips and buy & eat whatever your heart desires. You just get one life so don't hold yourself back....Do what your heart tells you to do... :)

Check out IDBI's amazing advertisement which lists out some of the highlights of their schemes.


This article has been written for Indibloggers #BefikarUmarBhar Happy Hour activity in association with IDBI Federal


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