Saturday, 18 August 2012

Vlcc Almond Under eye cream review

Hello everyone.....

I have slight puffiness and dark circles around my eyes....So i keep on trying different products to try to get rid of them....
Today im going to review my latest purchase...VLCC Almond Under Eye Cream.....

Cost: Rs. 175 for 15ml.

What the Company Claims : This unique light formulation with the goodness of Almond & Wheatgerm, Nourishes & mousturises the under eye area, firms tones skin.The natural active ingredients in this cream help in reducing signs of fatigue & stress.

Key Ingredients: Chamomile Extract, Wheatgerm Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Dimethicone, D-panthenol.

Method Of use (As written on the box) : Apply appropriate amount from the inside of the eye contour to the outside.Gently massage the eye contour area with your ring finger.Suits all skin types....and itz written to use it twice daily for best results...

My Experience: I have been using this cream for around a month now and have not seen any drastic reduction in my dark circles or puffiness. However it does mousturize the under eye area very well and hence helps prevent fine lines. I keep the tub in the fridge so the cream is slightly cold when i apply it.It gives a nice soothing feeling. And the smell of this cream is simply heavenly....i jus love the smell... :)

It has a very thick creamy texture as u can see in the pic...A very little amount is required for both eyes...i use it on my eye lids gives a very soothing feeling... :)

Summing up the pros and cons:

1. Very little amount is required hence the tub will last around 2-3 months...
2. It makes the under eye area feel smooth and hydrated.
3. Helps prevent fine lines.
4. The smell is very nice.
5. VLCC does not test on animals. 

1.Doesnt deliver what it claims.I have not seen any reduction in my dark circles or puffiness in the last month.
2.Tub packaging is kind of unhygenic.

Overall i wud not recommend this to anyone who wants to get rid of puffiness or severe dark circles..... If u have fine lines and slight darkness under the eyes u can give it a try.....and fr people who want to use an eye cream for prevention of fine lines....this will work well for u guys...

Hope this review helped.... :)


  1. Dear Neha

    Greetings From VLCC!
    Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We have taken immediate corrective actions and will ensure this does not get repeated again. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and hope you are fully satisfied with our new products. In case of any further problem, dowrite to us at Yours sincerely, Customer Care Team.

    1. Thnq so much for taking time to read my feedback.I am a regular user of your products and have found most of them to be very good.The fact that VLCC does not test on animals and uses a lot of natural ingredients is something that i love about your company. :)

  2. It is really very depressing when you look at the mirror and see yourself having those bags under eyes. What is even worst is that you are being judged of tiredness and old age. But, whether you are old or young, it is important that you restore the normal integrity of your skin for you to look healthier and youthful.

    1. So true....under eye bags make u look tired and old....i am yet to find a great under eye cream to get rid of my eye bags....but fabindia's under eye gel does help in reducing them..I store it in the fridge so that when i use it the cream is nice and cold...It gives a refreshing feel when i apply it...u cud give it a try....:)

  3. very nice review Neha.
    I am using it currently and this is my second. I have already used up the first one. It works good.
    Following you now.

    1. Im glad it's working for u... :)
      It has helped me with fine lines...but i have terrible under eye puffiness....hasn't helped with tht at all...So im still on the search fr an eye cream tht will help me get rid of the puffiness....
      Thnx for visiting my blog... :)

  4. Neha Nice Review dear...I will try this soon for my fine lines....

    1. Thnx... :)
      Yea, do give it a really does work well on getting rid of fine lines...


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