Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Habibs Aesthetics Hair Conditioner Review

Hi everyone.....................

Today im going to review Habibs Aesthetics Hair Conditioner with Wheat Germ Oil for Hair Rejuvenation.........

Cost: Rs 120 for 200 ml 

Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacture

What the company claims: Eliminates tangles and rejuvenates hair instantly, providing strenght, body, resilience and sheen.

Directions for Use: Rub the desired quantity on the hair after shampooing and rinse as usual.

My Experience: This is my all time favourite conditioner.....I totally love it...It leaves my hair extremely soft and shiny.....I apply it to my hair after shampooing and leave it for 5 mins...After that i rinse it off...You dont need to apply alot hence one bottle lasts me approx. 2 months...The texture of this conditioner is liquidy and it has a nice herbal smell....Habibs Aesthetics doesn't test on animals so this product is Cruelty Free.......

        As you can see in the pic, it has a flip cap. Last time i dropped the bottle and the cap broke off... :(

                   The conditioner is green in colour and liquidy in texture.....It has a nice herbal smell.....

Summing up the pros and cons:

1. It does what it claims...It makes my hair nice, shiny and soft.....
2. It has a nice herbal smell.
3. Habibs Aesthetics does not test on animals...So this product is Cruelty Free...
4. Reasonable cost.

1. Ingredient list not mentioned.. (except for Wheat Germ Oil which is stated in the front 
    label )
2. Does not eliminate tangles as claimed by the company.
3. Availability may be a problem as i have never seen Habib Aesthetics products on any  
    online store.
4. The bottle isn't very sturdy.. (The cap broke off when i dropped it)

Overall, i think this is a great product...I will keep on buying it till i find something better...Do give it a try people.....:)

Wud love to hear ur feedback.......Hope this review helped.............. :)


  1. I have not seen it easily available as well.

    Hope you are enjoying blogging :)

    1. Yea, im really loving it.... :)
      n thnx for visiting my blog.....

  2. As Emm stated, Even I haven't seen it anywhere.. Where do you buy this from?

    1. I got it from the local market near my home... I have nvr seen it on any online store...If i ever find it on any online store ill post the link here.. :)

  3. I wonder if this is available in the Philippines. I hope it is!

    1. It is written on their site that they export to Philippines....If u find it in any store do give it a try...I really love this conditioner......
      Thnx for visiting my blog.... :)

  4. hie dear...following u bk nw....u hv a lovely space here...keep up the gud wrk :)

  5. I just may give this a try. Nice blog, I'm a new visitor. :-)

    1. Im really glad u liked my blog.....Thnx for visiting.. :)

  6. yo am following u now , nice blog u got and ya thanks for following me tooooo ^_^

    1. Thnq soo much fr following me.. :)
      n im glad u liked my blog...

  7. nice review... havent tried this yet !!

    1. Thnq..
      It's a nice product...Do give it a try sometime... :)


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