Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Get-Together I Will Always Cherish.....

Hey guys.................

There is a saying that friends are the family we get to choose....I feel this saying to be completely true. Today I am dedicating this post to my dear friends who have been with me through thick and thin. I would like to thank for giving such a beautiful topic to express my feelings about.

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After college everyone gets separated. We all get jobs or go for further studies. Everyone becomes so busy that they never have time to catch up with friends.

Even me and my friends got into this vicious cycle of jobs and higher studies. We rarely were able to talk to each other and got busy in our monotonous daily routines.

One day I got a call from one of my friends. She sounded very low and depressed. Upon asking what the issue was she told me she was sick and tired of this daily routine and wanted a break. I told her I felt the same way and really needed some time to unwind.

We called up the others and fixed a up a day and place where we would all meet up that weekend.
It was such a joy to see everyone after such a long time. Everyone looked so professional now. We chatted for hours at a cafe over coffee and each one told what was going on in their life. Someone's family was pressuring them for marriage while others were in relationships and did not know how to break this news to their parents. It seemed like we had grown up so soon. Just sometime back our conversations revolved around exams and last night studies, and suddenly such big talks.

After coffee we all decided to let our inner child out again. We went to a nearby amusement park and went crazy over the rides. It was so much fun to laugh like crazy after such a long time. We tried to get onto all the rides we could in the little time we had. Evening came too soon and it was time for all of us to return back to our normal lives again. But it did not seem like such a pain now. This little get #together of ours had strengthened us all and renewed our energy. We were all feeling happy and motivated. Talking to my friends I remembered all the dreams I had in college at succeeding at my job and making it big. Somewhere in my monotonous routine I had forgotten all that.

So, we all hugged each other and went back to our lives but this time we were all ready to face it again. This little get #together left us all feeling motivated and filled with strength to go on in life and #look up. 


  1. Great post and story, acting like an adult all the time is hard! :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose’s Rooftop

  2. These was a curious read.. thanks for sharing. *hugs* -

  3. Friends are one of the best thing of life, is the family that you choose! Great post!


  4. Great post. We all need to take time to unwind and relax with our friends and family. Thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria |

    1. Yeah, with our busy schedules we all need to take some tym out for ourselves... :)


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