Sunday, 15 February 2015

My True Love - Asus Zenfone

In this crazy tech savy world it is extremely important to have a multi purpose phone that is excellent in each and every feature.

I was on the look out for such a phone for quite sometime...I searched multiple sites showcasing the features of newly launched phones or comparing specifications....

My search ended when I stumbled upon this gem while surfing through flipkart...

Yes, you guessed it right ...This baby is the much hyped about "Zenfone 5"........... :D

Firstly, ill have to say Flipkart never fails to impress me in terms of delivery time.The phone reached me within three days of ordering it.

With Valentine's Day round the corner, everyone is frantically searching for the one gift that will make their loved one feel truly special and make this a memorable Valentine's and if you are single like me then you will be on the look out for amazing gifts to pamper yourself as we too need to feel loved....This is why I found this time to be ideal to introduce you to this amazing device which will surely brighten up your Valentine's Day.....

Ohkk...So I hear you people ask me whats so special about this phone that im raving on and on about it......I'l jot down five reasons why I feel the Asus Zenfone is your ideal Valentine!

1. The Price: With the price range starting from Rs.5,299 this phone is truly a steal. I feel this is the
    best budget phone in the market.You might be thinking if it's that cheap it must not be that 
    good...But sweeties,we should never judge a book by its cover, similarly never judge a phone by
    its price.I totally felt that no compromise has been made in terms of the features provided. Be it
    the camera, look & feel or the storage capacity... Nothing at all is a let down.

2. The Camera: Be it on a trip or a friendly get together, nobody nowadays carries a camera with
    them. Everybody relies on their phone for taking pictures and so that is one feature nobody  
    compromises on.Here again this phone has fared exceptionally well.It has an 8.0 megapixel rear 
    camera with auto-focus and a 2.0 megapixels front camera. ASUS has developed a unique 
    technology called PixelMaster which helps to provide you with professional high quality pictures.
    It has several modes you can experiment with ranging from  smart remove, time rewind,   
    beautification and my favorite selfie mode....

3. The Look and Feel: This phone looks exceptionally good. It is a 5 inch phone which fits perfectly 
    in the hands. It is pretty sleek and extremely light weight (weighs only 145 g)....

4. Storage: As my old phone did not have a micro SD slot I learnt the importance of having good  
    amount of storage in your phone the hard way. Whenever I would want to download something I 
    first had to go around deleting stuff as I never had free space. This phone not only has an incredible
    2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage, it also has expandable memory upto 64 GB..Phew.....That    
    is really lots of space.......

5. Colors: This phone is available in soo many colors.....Black, White, Red, Purple, Gold...You name
    the color...Asus has it for you... :D
    So if you are planning to get this for your girlfriend go ask her favorite color as you have lots
    and lots of colors to chose from... :)

                                                               image source

Other than all this...the battery life of this phone is pretty amazing and as it has a 1.6GHz  dual-core processor so you will never face lagging while surfing or playing games......

Now, isn't all that enough to convince you that this is the ultimate gift one can give on Valentine's.......  

As for me, Asus Zenfone 5 in black was the gift I bought for myself this Valentine's day and it has truly been an amazing experience...I could not have gifted myself anything better...I soo love myself... :D  ;)

                                                                  image source indiblogger

So what are you guys waiting for....Go check out this phone here. I can assure you that it is truly worth every penny.... :)

Check out the latest Asus V-day special #UnconditionalLove advertisement..... It's super cute ........ 


This article has been written for Indiblogger's #UnconditionalLove HappyHour acitivity in association with Asus India.


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  2. Very nice post! Gud way 2 pamper urself! :D Does battery drain out fast? And isn't Zenphone 5 around 9000 rs.?!

    1. The battery life is pretty good....n yea I got this phone for Rs.8,880...But the Zenfone range starts from 5,299.... :)

  3. That seems like a great phone indeed..

  4. This is a great phone but i wish it could have launched sooner as recently I baught a new phone :( but the phone which i have bought is also great :D

    1. Hi Lia...Which one have u bought...wud love to read a review about it... :)

      Thnx for dropping by my blog..

    2. same 2 u sweety :) and i have bought xiomi redmi note 4G. I am loving it dear :)The camera is awesome and it is purely a selfie phone. I used to be camera shy but i click selfies almost everyday now :D the functionality of the phone is brilliant as well. remarkabe battery backup :)

    3. Cool...Will check it out.... :D

  5. Seems like a good smartphone :)
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  6. I bought this amazing thing for my mom on her bday last year..Its absolutely an amazing phone in the 10k range...interface,camera,performance,speed everything is superb!!! Great review gal!

    1. Yeah, it really is an awesome budget phone.... :D

      Thnx for dropping by... :)

  7. Nice blog! :)

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  8. It's a great phone. Great review, Neha.

  9. this phone is superb
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