Thursday, 4 October 2012

My First Blog Award !!!!!!

Hi everyone.....................

I'm really happy today.....I got my first blog award........ :D
This award has been given to me by my blogger friends Radha of My Noble Secrets  and Iswarya of I Am Girly.......

Thnq soo much both of u....... You guys really made my day..... :D

So this is the award that i have got: "One Lovely Blog Award"


7 Things About Me: 

     1. I Love blogging and making new friends.... :D

     2. I am a crazy animal lover.

     3. I have 3 cats named Fluffy, Blacky and Bunny......n i love them all alot.

     4. I love traveling and reading novels.

     5. My philosophy in life is Live and Let Live....... 

     6. I love chocolates.....

     7. I love shopping and going out with friends.......

Now I want to give this award to:

The Rules:
  • You may thank the person who nominated you...It's optional... :)
  • Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award onto the people who u think deserve this award (not more than 15 people)



  1. Congrats and thank you Neha.:)

    1. Thnx... :)
      n ur most welcome.....u totally deserve the award... :)

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  3. Thanks so much for the award and congrats to you! :)

    1. Thnq... :)
      Uv got a lovely blog dear...u deserve the award... :)

  4. congratulations Nehaaaa :) :) :)

    all the v best and may u succeed well dear :)

    thanks a lot for passing the award to me dear

  5. So lovely of you neha :) thank youuu!!!

    congrats to u =D

    1. U deserve it dear... :)
      n thnq.... :D

    2. I still don't have friends to nominate. I will post this at later time. :D

    3. No probs dear...:D
      If u want, u can place the image of the award on ur sidebar...I love seeing my award pics on my sidebar... :)

  6. Congrats Neha
    I have tagged you in my post please check


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