Monday, 20 August 2012

Blue Heaven's Cutey Lipbalm Review

Hey everyone.............
Today im going to review a very cute lipbalm....i.e. , Blue Heaven's Cutey Lipbalm.....

Cost: Rs.25 for 4g
What the company claims:  Non Sticky, Moisturizes Lips, Healing Effect, Fruity Odour

My Experience: I saw this lipbalm while shopping online through flipcart. It looked soo cute that i just had to buy it.
It comes in 4 variants:
  • Pineapple (Yellow)
  • Green Apple (Green)
  • Dewberry (Purple)
  • Strawberry (Red)
I wanted to buy the strawberry one but it was out of stock at that time so i bought the dewberry one. It looks soo cute and adorable.
Its smell is nice, not very great, but not bad at all.It stays on your lips for atleast 3-4 hours easily(that is if u dont eat anything in between that time). It doesn't make the lips feel very hydrated but does provide shine to them.

As u can see it is in a stick form like fevistick.. :P and it is a lipbalm + keychain... :)

The balm feels very thick on the lips but it doesnt leave any white layer at all.

Summing up the pros and cons:

1.It looks extremely cute.
2.It gives a shine to the lips.
3.Cheap (just Rs.25)
4.Its 2 in 1  i.e. lipbalm + keychain... :)  :P
5.The smell is nice but not extremely gr8.

1.It doesnt hydrate the lips.
2.It feels a bit sticky.
3.The balm is white in colour and does not provide any colour to your lips...( But then its a lipbalm not a lip gloss so we dont expect the colour part we.... :)  )

All in all i wudn't strongly recommend this lipbalm..there are many better ones out there...but u cud try it out just for the cute packing...and it is pretty u can give it a try............I hope this review helped  :)


  1. Hi dear u have such a lovely blog..i am ur newest follower..can u pls provide the link where u bought this lop balm online

    1. Hi....Thnq u soo much... :)

      I had bought it from flipcart....I tried searching for it on the site today but cudn't find it.I have mailed them and asked them if the product is out of stock or if they have stopped selling it...Will let u know as soon as i get any msg from them....Will keep on checking their site..If i find it at anytime i will post the link here...

    2. I just got a mail frm flipcart customer care....they said tht the product isnt available rite now hence it is not listed on their website...I will keep checking their website as well as others...If i find it anywhere i will let u know... :)

  2. Wowwy..Absolutely cute packaging!! Other brands should too improve the packaging.. Lotus herbals has boring screw type! Love the girly girl packing!! :)

    1. Yea, I just cudn't resist buying this coz of the cute packaging.... :)

  3. Nice Review...Wow Neha it's looks sooo cute...I wanna one ... :)

  4. nice review dear ........ too cute :) love it

    1. Thnq..... :)
      Yea, it's very cute... :D
      Cudn't resist buying it just coz of it's packaging and it is super cheap too.... :)

  5. wow..lovely cute lip balm..strawberry is my fav flavour..:)

  6. Replies
    1. Yea, it's really cute... :)

      Thnx for dropping by my blog.... :D


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